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One of the very first signs of spring, along with the primroses, is the croaking of frogs and the appearance of large clumps of frogspawn in ponds and ditches. Frogs are the most obvious and most common of the amphibians and reptiles in Britain, the others take a bit more looking for.

Of the twelve native species in the country, nine occur in Herefordshire.


  1. Common Frog
  2. Toad
  3. Great Crested newt
  4. Common or Smooth newt
  5. Palmate newt



  1. Grass snake
  2. Adder
  3. Slow-worm
  4. Common Lizard


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Not much is known about their distribution in the county, so HART would very much like to receive information about any sightings. Initially contact us by e-mail giving species, dates, locations and OS number if possible. Photographs are always welcome.


Female smooth newt (Will Watson)
Female smooth newt (Will Watson)


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