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The croaking of frogs in early spring; clumps of wriggling tadpoles; water lilies perfectly reflected in still water; swallows swooping down for rapid sips of water; delicate blue damselflies bringing a haze of blue to the surface; small patches of water, surrounded by reedmace, reflecting the sky in a corner of a field.

So many images of ponds come to mind. Ponds are part of our landscape, and have been for hundreds of thousands of years. They are vital to wildlife, hot spots of biodiversity - did you know there are more species of water beetle living in British ponds than there are bird species living in the countryside? And of course ponds are also essential for our native amphibians, all of which need fresh water in which to breed.

To find out more about the ponds in Herefordshire and some of their plants and creatures, for tips on what to look out for this month, or advice on managing or creating your own pond to encourage wildlife, follow the links on the right.

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